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Allied Health Admin Services

We understand there are times when you may be in a position where it is impossible to answer that call, but if you do not pick that call up, that client will just go to the next number on their list.


That call could be from a patient that is in pain and needs your help. Imagine if you were to answer that call; the call could assist someone in chronic pain.


It could be a call from a referring allied health specialist that would like to collaborate with you.


At Let’s Talk Admin, we can take that administration burden away from you.


We can answer your phone calls and, book your clients in, answer your emails or website queries.


We can make your valuable time easier for you by taking your administration tasks away so you can spend time tending to your patients.

Day-today tasks

  • Email Management

  • Appointment/Diary Management

  • Client Liaison

  • Complaint resolution

  • Bill Payment

  • Phone Payments

  • General Banking

  • Creating Invoices/Quotes

  • Overdue Payment Management

  • Hubdoc Recording

  • Recording Incoming Bills

Tasks for another day

  • Database Cleansing

  • Newsletters

  • Online Research

  • Website review

  • Gift Organisation

  • Catering Organisation

  • Travel Management

Business Improvements

  • Process improvements

  • Creating SOPs

  • Creating templates

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