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  • What does Let's Talk Admin charge for?
    A Virtual Assistant can charge either hourly, in increments or by the package. At Let's Talk Admin we give you the option of how you would like to use our services. We charge for The time it has taken to complete your task Travel time - if they need to travel to and from your office or meeting place Research - this can include information relevant to the task as hand Online meetings Emailing clients updates Training specifically for your systems If the specified task is not completed correctly, we will fix it for your at no extra cost
  • Why hire an Australian based Virtual Assistant
    When engaging Let's Talk Admin, we pride ourselves on a variety of key performance areas. Communication and customer service are major factors in which can help escalate your business. Being polite and professional when speaking on the phone to clients and their clientele is of the utmost importance. As a VA, we represent not only our brand but the brand of our clients. Let's Talk Admin only deals with Australia based Virtual Assistants who are: Fully insured. A phone call away. Deal in Australian dollars. Efficient in administrative tasks Under the same Laws Fully Certified Virtual Assistants Understand the "jargon". We cater for businesses that would benefit from outsourcing their administrative work to a Virtual Assistant. This includes legal, tradesman, health, accountants. Any business that is a small to medium sized business.
  • What can be outsourced?
    You can outsource almost any type of administration work that takes you away from your business.
  • What are the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant
    Our Virtual Assistants have an enormous amount of working knowledge. They will bring that knowledge to your company & ensure to treat your business as their own. A Virtual Assistant looks after their own:- salary superannuation any leave insurance (this is a MUST) subscriptions stationery computers & printers They assist you in doing what you do best: concentrate on your business and grow! Although we are not an employee of a client. We have clients that we chat to daily and sometimes weekly, and love it! As business owners, just like our clients, we ensure that we know your team and fit in wherever possible. Just like in the work place and being part of a team, if we have an idea to improve a company's process, we will advise clients about why we think streamlining their procedures we be beneficfial for their growth. It gives us a great sense of accomplishment to watch a company grow, knowing we were able to assist them. My team does not need space in your office as they work virtually from their home office. They also have their own equipment. At Let's Talk Admin, our core hours are 8am to 4pm, but we are flexible as we know some tasks need to be completed without any disruptions, such as phone calls. Tasks and hours can be negotiated to suit the business
  • How many clients can a Virtual Assistant have?
    Depending on the time, a Virtual Assistant can have one client or a variety of clients. In saying this, Let's Talk Admin has Australia based sub-contractors to assist when required. This also allows access to a variety of other administrative tasks that Let's Talk Admin can help you with such as social media. Our contract with our clients allows for Let's Talk Admin to hire a subcontractor. We ensure that when we hire a subcontractor, the subcontractor is aware of their responsibilities. We will ask for all the necessary documentation such as professional profiles, insurance, conduct interviews, police checks and working with children checks (depending on the client), and non-disclosure agreements (depending on the client).
  • Can the location be an issue for your choice of a Virtual Assistant
    The team at Let's Talk Admin understand the importance of getting tasks completed. Let's Talk Admin is based in NSW but our team is based on the east coast of Australia. Some of the benefits of remote working are less distractions such as socialising and being able to concentrate in a quieter environment. A Virtual Assistant can work for anyone, anywhere, as we work remotely. As our work is computer based, communication is by telephone, SMS or a software application Remote working is here to stay and a lot of employers believe that a remote worker is more productive when working from home.
  • How quick can a Virtual Assistant be ready to commence work?
    Our team of Virtual Assistants can be up and running in a matter of days. What you need from a Virtual Assistant:- - A meeting to discuss your needs - Service Agreement - Insurance Documentation - Any other documents required by the company, such as non-disclosure agreeements
  • How can I trust a Virtual Assistant?
    As a Virtual Assistant, my team and I pride ourselves on our personal and business reputation and on all our working ethics. Virtual Assistants can provide the following solutions to their clients to put their minds at rest:- Include a timesheet each week with an invoice. Updates in writing/verbally where you are up to with their work. Some clients will give you a time frame for projects. Coming close to the allowance for the week, communicate this to your client. Weekly meetings where projects can be discussed for updates.
  • How can Let's Talk Admin keep your Information Sercure?
    Insurances At Let's Talk Admin we are fully insured including public liability, cyber insurance, and professional indemnity. A Virtual Assistant should be insured, just like any other business, especially against Cyber Attacks. There are numerous insurances a Virtual Assistant's business should hold if they are dealing with your business and your clients. Professional Indemnity Public Liability Insurance Cyber Insurance Remember, they are business owners and should hold their own insurance. Privacy Policy As a Virtual Assistant, if we are gathering any type of personal information, a Privacy Policy should be made available for your client’s peace of mind, on our website and/or social media. When dealing with a client, why not check your client's website and social media pages and make sure they have a Privacy Policy as well. Now that's being proactive!
  • How can we hire a Virtual Assistant that has never worked in the Industry?
    Are you worried the Virtual Assistant you want to hire does not understand the jargon? The team at Let's Talk Admin work with a variety of clients - Tradies, Heath Professionals, Not for Profit Organisations, Mortgage Brokers, and Accountants just to name a few. We all came from a variety of backgrounds including health, government, and banking. Just like any new employee, you would need to teach your Virtual Assistant. That Virtual Assistant could be the best investment you make! Go on, take the risk today, and hire a Virtual Assistant.
  • Will the Virtual Assistant understand my applications and software?
    The team of Virtual Assistants at Let's Talk Admin work for various businesses; along the way, they have learne all different types of software. These skills can apply to your business as well. And if they don't know how to use your specific software, don't panic; teach them they will learn pretty quickly!
  • Does Let's Talk Admin have other businesses they network and collaborate with?
    A Virtual Assistant can be very resourceful, and all you need to do is ask us...we would only be too happy to help. We collaborate with other types of Virtual Assistants, such as Social Media Managers/Marketers, book-keepers, etc. We also have access to other types of professions such as tradies, legal services, business services, health services etc. If you ever need some assistance with a task within your business or even your personal life, ask me and we may be able to recommend someone to you we trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

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